Rise of the Eco-Warriors

Borneo Garuda Competition Winner

Eco-Warrior wins a life changing travel experience to Borneo with Garuda Indonesia!

Garuda Indonesia and Virgo Productions, a Brisbane-based documentary production company, launched a unique competition in March 2014 in conjunction with the cinema release of the film Rise of the Eco-Warriors.

Monika Smith

Monika Smith

The lucky winner, Monika Smith, 30, from the NSW Central Coast, has won the trip of a lifetime to Borneo, visiting the people and places seen in Rise of the Eco-Warriors.

Monika works in the travel industry and was recently a volunteer at the Australian Reptile Park near Gosford. She went to see Rise of the Eco-Warriors in the cinema four times.

She explains: “I was lucky enough to attend the first screening that one of the eco-warriors (Ben Dessen) organised as a fund-raiser. I was shocked and stunned at what actually went into the production of palm oil. I had no idea of the damage these plantations inflict on the local people, the animals and the world. I spent most of the movie wiping my tears on my sleeve. After seeing the film four times, and loving it, I began to watch what I ate, I boycotted take-away business, I picked up every packet of food before I put it in my trolley to ensure I was not contributing to the palm oil destruction. I began to educate my friends. I fight fire with fire. If people say there is nothing they can do. I reminded them that in many circumstances in the world, everything that has happened and is yet to happen, it only takes one person to stand up, raise their voice, and start a ripple effect to make a change”.

Monika and a friend will fly with Garuda Indonesia, winner of the ‘World’s Best Economy Class’, to Jakarta then Pontianak, before heading inland into the heart of Borneo. They will experience a traditional welcome ceremony into the village of Tembak featured in the film. They will stay in a traditional longhouses and learn about Dayak culture, medicinal plants, reforestation, crafts and cooking. They will hike in the pristine rainforest and undertake a longboat journey upriver. And they will meet the orangutans located in the village of Tembak and at the Sintang Rescue Centre.

Rise of the Eco-Warriors tells the story of a group of adventurous young people who leave their known worlds behind to spend 100 days in the jungles of Borneo. They team up with a visionary scientist to help stop the rampant destruction of forests and save endangered orangutans.
This is a story about what it takes to be an eco-warrior, an individual willing to step up and do something to avert a global catastrophe. 

Rise of the Eco-Warriors was released on DVD and iTunes in Australia on 9th July 2014. The DVD includes over 50 minutes of additional stories and unseen footage.
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