Jenny Lalor

Executive Producer

Jenny Lalor has been working in legal and business affairs in film and television for more years than she cares to admit. Whilst living in London between 1990 and 2000, she worked for the BBC, Carlton Television and Tiger Aspect Productions (including on Billy Elliot and The Animated Mr. Bean). Returning to Melbourne in late 2000, she has worked on a variety of film and television projects, including Jindabyne, Coffin Rock, Crawlspace, CJ The DJ, Saddle Club 3, RocKwiz, Wilfred and a number of Lonely Planet travel series. She now has her own practice specializing in entertainment law and provides executive producing services on a range of children’s projects, including the pre-school animation series DirtGirlWorld, co-produced by dirtgirlworld Productions and Decode Entertainment for the ABC, BBC and CBC. She was a Television Councillor on the Screen Producers Association of Australia for over five years, and is currently on the board of Open Channel.