Loic Valmy

Loic Valmy is born in France in 1972. After starting his career as a songwriter and artistic director for the majors of the music industry, he suddenly fell in love with the cinema and decided to start composing only for films. From 1995 to 2004, he composed for several European productions, feature films, documentaries and TV Series such as “The 4th Musketeer”, “A woman’s life” and “June 44”. Loic moved to Australia 9 years ago with his wife. While still working for French and European productions, he started to compose for Australian films. “I love the freshness and originality of the Australian cinema.” He says. “There is something special in the way Australians make movies, film a story or treat a situation. Something unique to Australia. And that’s exactly what I needed in my career. A brand new way of working.”

Since 2004, Loic has composed for several Australian feature films, short films and documentaries. His work received several prizes and awards. Every year, one or two short films he composed are finalists at Tropfest and in 2013, 3 films he scored were selected for the Festival of Cannes.

In his spare time, Loic is also a lecturer on Screen Music in universities and Film Festival across Australia.