Richard Hearman

Lead Producer

When it comes to film and filmmaking, it’s fair to say that Richard Hearman has done it all. He is one of Australia’s leading producer/directors, with a wealth of experience in all forms of production technology including the constantly evolving digital and 3D arenas.

Since 2001, Richard has produced TVC’s with directors Darren Ashton (Syd), Jeff Gaunt (Bris), Sean Byrne (LA), Hayley Cloake (LA), Julius Avery, Marcus Hamill (Syd), Chris Begley, Keri Light, Mike Hilberger (Bris) and James Teh, He directed and produced campaigns for Nissan, Starhub (Singapore) Nova 100 and Australian Made and also 1st AD’d or line produced many other productions.

Alongside his TVC work he directed and produced the TV series pilot Unstable for Renegade Films, award winning short films including The Pitch, Wasted on the Young and The Mocking Birds, lectured at many of Australia’s major film universities and together with director Peter Sykes, has been developing the 3D large format films Orangutans 3D – People of the Forest and Living with Man Eaters 3D.

Richard’s knowledge of technology coupled with his production experience makes him the ideal hands-on producer for Rise of the Eco-Warriors.