Venie Hartinie

Venie Hartinie started her career as a draft person after she graduated from Tanjungpura University, majoring in Architecture. During her undergraduate years, she spent a semester in Australia to represent Indonesia in Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program in 2006 and secured an opportunity to work for an award winning architect company in Northern Territory. The following year, Venie joined the Oxfam International Youth Partnership scheme and played an active role as an Oxfam Action Partner in Indonesia from 2007 – 2010.

One year after she graduated, Venie decided to pursue her passion for nature and conservation. She joined Canopy Indonesia and later co-founded THE CANOPY FOUNDATION with Deny Sofian.

Venie is engaged intensively in designing and promoting ecotourism in Danau Sentarum National Park and numerous villages in West Borneo. Her work includes project management and publications to promote the local tourism, and travel around Borneo capturing stories about local environment and culture.