Cathy Henkel


Dr. Cathy Henkel is the founding director of Virgo Productions, an award-winning, boutique screen industries company based in Brisbane.  

The strength of the company lies in telling inspiring, positive, global stories with cross-platform delivery and engaging audiences world-wide through cinema, television, online, mobile, DVD and education release. Cathy is also a senior research fellow at QUT and is developing innovative finance and distribution strategies for Australian screen content. 

Cathy’s previous television credits include Heroes of our Time, Walking Through a Minefield, Losing Layla, The Man who Stole my Mother’s Face, I told you I was ill: Spike Milligan and The Burning Season. In 2012, she released Show me the Magic, a feature documentary in partnership with Freshwater Pictures about acclaimed cinematographer Don McAlpine. Her latest film Rise of the Eco-Warriors, an action adventure feature documentary set in Borneo will be released in cinemas in March 2014.

Cathy has won numerous awards for her work including two IF Awards for Best Documentary and the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary Award. She received an Emmy award nomination for The Burning Season was awarded Documentary Producer of the Year in 2009 by the Screen Producers Association of Australia. She was a founding member of Northern Rivers Screenworks, chair of the organising committee for the AIDC held in Byron Bay and served as a documentary counsellor on the board of SPAA. She has a PhD in creative industries from Queensland University of Technology and is currently researching alternative finance and distribution models and exploring new ways to connect documentary filmmakers and the education sector.