Fabrice Marre

Fabrice Marre is a citizen of the world. A native of France, a resident of Australia and a global traveller, Fabrice has been passionate about nature, art, different cultures and spatial technologies from an early age. His job as a geospatial engineer has taken him from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and the jungles of the Amazon in French Guiana to Indonesia and now Australia.

He has worked on both research and commercial environmental mapping projects, related to the monitoring of the Amazon environment and disaster management projects. These have included bushfires, floods, oil spill monitoring and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami reconstruction effort. In his spare time, Fabrice is involved in the arts community and uses his skills as a sculptor to contribute to creative projects including sets for theatre productions and special effects make-up for the film industry.

Driven by passion and great enthusiasm, Fabrice is a strong advocate of combining education with geospatial technologies to create a sustainable environment for our fragile planet.

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