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We have joined forces with a very exciting new cinema distribution platform called Tugg, which will enable you to organise and promote screenings of the film in a cinema in your region – with no risk to you. You’ll also receive 5% of ticket sales to use in any way you want.

Tugg is powered by YOU

Tugg is a web platform that enables individuals and organisations to host special movie events in their local theatres. You can use these screenings to spread the messages of the film or use it as a fund-raiser for a project or cause of your choosing. The best part is that Tugg will look after all the mechanical requirements for the screening, provide the marketing materials and all you have to do is pick a cinema and invite your friends.

Click Here to View Rise of the Eco-Warriors on TUGG.COM.AU


How Tugg Works

Step 1  

Fill out the Event Request Form to pick the date, time, and place for your screening. Your ideal event date is 4 to 5 weeks from registering your event.

Step 2 

The theater approves the request. Then you start selling tickets on your Event Page.

Step 3

Sell enough tickets before the event deadline to confirm your screening.

If you don’t meet this “threshold,” no one will be charged and your event will be called off.

Step 4

Sit back and enjoy the movie with your community! You’ll make 5% of the ticket sales.

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Some tips to making your Tugg screening a success.

When should I start promoting my Event?

Make sure you start promoting the event 4–5 weeks before the screening.

How should I promote my event? What works? 

A: Have a special guest at the screening and do a Q & A afterwards – this acts as a great attraction for people to come to the cinema – and gives you a hook in promoting the event.

This can be one of the eco-warriors or film-making team in your area, or someone from your local community group, or a spokesperson for your cause. 

How do I get my local community involved?

Send out a media release to all your local media, plus e-flyers to your email friends. Put up posters at your local community spaces, make a Facebook event page. Promote on all social media platforms. When you are getting close to reaching your threshold, the Tugg website will help with tips and prompts to get the numbers and secure the screenings.

Where can I get access to Tugg?

Tugg currently operates in the US, Australia and New Zealand but will soon expand to other countries.

Where do I get more ideas and tips to promote my event?

The Tugg website has a range of ideas and tips to help you make your screening a success.

Go to Tugg Promotions School

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