Kodi Twiner

Kodi Twiner is a 24 year old force to be reckoned with.

Between working for various NGOs such as Greenpeace, Rainforest Information Centre and Positive Change for Marine Life, Kodi is studying for a Bachelor of Contemporary Music in Lismore, NSW.
Kodi is outrageously passionate about the environment and protecting the wild places of the world.  

“From the moment I discovered this project, I knew I was meant to go. I was focussed on nothing else from that moment. Borneo was this raw, challenging, transformative experience that tore down so many perceptions I had about the world.” Despite growing up in a highly industrialised town in Queensland, Kodi believes in people power and the monumental structural change that can occur once an idea infects the collective human consciousness. 

“All throughout history, humans have created change that was once thought impossible. I’ve had enough of the doomsday approach. Never before have we been in an age of such opportunity, with access to endless information at our fingertips. People are mobilising and organising. The revolution is all around you. Your choices matter, you matter. Get involved and go where the fight takes you!”