Paul Daley

Paul originates from the foothills of the beautiful Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW, Australia. He grew up on a rainforest and fruit tree nursery specializing in growing a unique range of plant species for both reforestation and backyard food forests.

Paul’s horticultural roots and love for the forests naturally led him into a line of work that integrates Forest Restoration with Permaculture Design.His passion for restoring eco-system function and creating abundant edible landscapes has opened doors into a range of interesting projects in Australia and Indonesia.

Paul’s journey into the heart of Borneo living with the indigenous Dayak people has given him a whole new perspective on conservation-based community development and a deepened respect for the role of resilient local communities in biodiversity conservation.

Currently based inside Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra, Paul works as a Forest Restoration Officer with the Orangutan Information Centre on a 12 month AYAD assignment (Australian Youth Ambassador for Development).

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