Cathy Henkel


Cathy Henkel and Jeff Canin 

Supported by and broadcast on SBS 


A dramatic story about people caught up in the conflict over the Jabiluka uranium mine in World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park, narrated by Rachel Griffiths.

It is the beginning of the dry season in Kakadu National Park and the mining company, Energy Resources of Australia, is determined to begin construction of the new Jabiluka uranium mine. The protesters who descend on the region at the invitation of the Aboriginal traditional owners are equally determined to stop them. The residents of the town of Jabiru are caught in the middle. Australian soil holds an estimated 35 percent of the world’s uranium reserve. Since the election of the coalition government in 1996, many mining companies are seeking approval to further develop Australia’s uranium industry.

This documentary gives a human face to the struggle taking place over the Jabiluka mine and the confronting question of Australia’s role in the world’s nuclear fuel cycle.